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Grand Masquerade Ball

Join us in celebrating the early days of After Dark as we kick this season off with a Grande Masquerade Ball.  Let the mask bring out the real you!

Why should I attend the Grand Masquerade Ball?

This party is a nod to the first year of After Dark when we put on a great King Midas show. That year the theme for the season was a Masquerade Ball in the spirit of the grand  Balls of Europe in the Renaissance period. We don't do season long themes anymore and instead we change up our themes each week in order to provide a little something for everybody. So for those that want to experience the feel of the masks and fancy dress of the period this is a great way to kick off the season.

How should I dress for the Grand Masquerade Ball?

Dress as a guest at a debutante ball in Europe in the Renaissance time period. You should definitely wear a mask and since this is a throwback to the first year of After Dark then you could throw in some gold in your outfit. As always you may dress in the park's theme or nice club wear.

Can you tell me more about the Haven Arts Dancers

The Haven Arts Dancers are a bad ass dance troupe made up of professionals committed to their craft. The troupe is comprised of members of the Haven Arts Theatre. They are led by Amy K Barnes who toured internationally with Ballet Excelsior of Houston, performing in Australia, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece as well as cities in America including LA and New York. The Haven Arts Dancers perform every Saturday and are also the featured act for several of the weekend events.

Can you tell me more about Cirque la Vie?

Cirque La Vie is a Houston-based contemporary circus troupe. It was founded in 2010 by Artistic Director, Reyie Delgado. Living by its motto “Dare To Be Different”, Cirque La Vie’s professional performing company brings a breath of fresh air to the stage as they inspire and move audiences. The way we inspire audience is by providing high skilled artists and beautifully dynamic shows for all ages.

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