Club & Events Info

An Evening 0f Magical Decadence
Saturdays, October 9 through November 26, 2021

Step through the curtain and enter the sensuous world of TRF After Dark where amazing entertainment,
music, and dancing combine for an unforgettably unique evening. This adults-only soiree (21 and older)
takes place in the magical After Dark Ballroom.

Each Saturday night guests will be part of an exclusive themed
experience. Costumes are welcome, but not required, but please do dress to impress.*

We welcome you to watch an exciting line up of entertainment
including the thrilling escapades of Cirque La Vie, the amazing dance numbers from the Haven Arts Theatre as well as several other special performers each evening. A great Vegas-style show is only the beginning... 

It's also the place to dance the night away with DJ Suave.

After Dark Themed Line-Up:
• Grand Masquerade Ball - Oct 9th
• Glow Party- Oct 16th
• Under the Sea Party- Oct 23rd

• Monster Mash - Oct 30th
• Villains Vs Heroes- Nov 6th

• Gender Bender- Nov 13th
• Time Travelers Ball- Nov 20th
• Naughty is Nice Ball- Nov 26th

Enjoy cocktails, wine, and beer at several bar stations located throughout the club

Food is available for purchase in the dining salon.
TRF After Dark is located in the Fields of New Market Campground at the Texas Renaissance Festival
11464 CR 302, Todd Mission, Texas, 77363
8 pm to 1 am
Admission (21 and older only)-$36(online)/$40(door) per person


VIP Suites available with the following amenities:

Guaranteed seat in one of the VIP Suites

Swag bag from After Dark

Dedicated server that will take care of your needs so you don't have to wait at the bar

All drink options offered at the bar plus bottle service

Complimentary welcome beverage, fruit & cheese tray

VIP Suites are limited and they fill up fast! 

We have 6 Suites in the Main Ballroom and 2 in the Sultan's Lounge. When sitting our VIP guests we take into account group size, customer request made during ticket purchase and availability at time of arrival.

Amenities are the same for all VIP's.

VIP Access $90(online)$95(door)/person


Frequently Asked Questions

** We try to be as precise as possible in this section but as you know sometimes things change so everything here is accurate as of the time that we write them but there may be a lag between changes and our ability to amend this site :) 

Can I join the party at After Dark with my TRF ticket?

Tickets to TRF are not the same as tickets for After Dark. 

After Dark is an additional amenity to the TRF Kingdom experience that comes alive every Saturday once the park shuts down for the day.

In order to attend you must have one of the following:

(1) After Dark ticket purchased at the door at After Dark, online or at ticket booths at main entrance

(2) King's Pass (This is a great overall value, by the way)

(3) Site pass ID card

(4) TRF Ambassador ID card 

Do you offer military or first responder discounts?

To be perfectly honest, discounts are a logistical nightmare due to the several ways that you can purchase tickets plus there's no way to verify your eligibility online. So we have come up with a way to honor all of our real life heroes. Just present your credentials at the front desk and you'll get a gift from us!

Military - Active Duty/Retired ID, "VETERAN" noted on Driver's License or copy of DD-214

Peace Officer/Firefighter/EMT - Show qualifying ID.

Thanks for your service!

How can I get more info on a specific Event?

If you go to the Home Page an click on the image of the flyer that you're interested in you'll be redirected to a page with info specific to that event including performers and suggestions on how to dress.

Are pictures allowed at After Dark?

This may seem like an odd question since everyone has a "camera" on their phone. The answer is yes, you may take pictures with your cell phone. However, please do not use flash when taking pics of performers. Depending on their act it could be a very dangerous distraction for them. For those that want to bring in a professional camera, you know, a camera that has a lens and that you typically have to hold with both hands, the answer is it depends. There are some shows and/or performers that want to keep a level of control over their marketing content so at times we may restrict or ban the use of "professional" cameras at our venue. Now, regardless of what type of camera you are using we ask that if you plan on posting a picture of someone online that you ask that person for permission to do so before taking their picture. Most people come dressed up and welcome pictures but some don't. So please be respectful. 

Is Video allowed at After Dark?

Yes. Video is allowed using the ambient light at AD. Do not use the light on your phone or camera for video. It is super distracting to guests around you and can be very dangerous for performers. And remember to always be respectful of those you video by informing them if you plan on posting your videos online. 

I'm going to the Faire during the day and then I'm going to After Dark in the evening. Where should I park?

OK, this is a little bit involved so bare with me. You have to go into the Faire in a similar way as you would if you were going to the campground. So, DON'T GO IN THE MAIN GATES. Follow the signs for the campground. If you have a GPS put in this address: 11464 County Road 302, Todd Mission, TX  77363 (depending on your GPS device it might work better with CR302 instead of County Road 302, it's also called Finkle Rd!). If you're coming from FM1774 then when you get there you will see an entrance on the left and there will probably be a police officer directing traffic. There are 2 open gates to the left. The first takes you to the Faire parking, the second takes you into the campground. You want to take the first left and then follow the Faire staff to your parking spot. When you exit the park after a great day at the Ren Faire you'll leave through this same road and exit all the way to CR302, take a left and reenter through the campground entrance. You'll see the After Dark Complex on your left. Go past the guard house about 100yds or so and take a left into our parking lot.

Can you please tell me how people usually dress for After Dark? Is there a dress code?

We love to see our guests dressed in the theme of the evening if there is one. Since we are on the campgrounds of the Texas Renaissance Festival, we'll also have a percentage of people in Renaissance attire. If you're not dressed in theme or in Renaissance Garb then"club wear" is always welcome. Dess to impress!

How may ladies dress for the Burlesque event?

"A Night of Burlesque" is a burlesque event featuring Dem Damn Dames.  We get this question a lot for this event.  You're welcome to wear something burlesque-ish (corset, stockings, hi/low skirts or tutu's, etc.). Just keep your important pieces and parts covered and you'll be fine.

I heard that there are things that you absolutely can't wear to AD, what are those?

At After Dark we want everyone to have a great time. If you arrive wearing something that is reasonably likely to offend a particular person or group of people then you will be welcome but your offending garment will not be. We don't take sides on any issue. We provide a great fun place for adults to let their hair down and we are very, very liberal with our dress code so please have the same attitude and come to have a good time without any political, religious, ethnic, etc. messages on your person.

The address on my After Dark tickets show the same address as the Festival, is that correct?

No, the correct address is the one listed on this website and shown on the map in the About menu item. After Dark is at the entrance to the campground. It is: 11464  CR 302, Todd Mission, TX 77363

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed inside the main areas but there is a hookah lounge and a large beautiful covered area with places to sit and heaters for the colder weekends where smoking is permitted that includes its own bar so you can still get your favorite drink without having to go back inside. And yes, you can carry food and drink from and to the smoking areas. Additionally there is a new auxiliary smoking area on the karaoke side so you don't have to go all the way to the other side of the facility to smoke.

Is food available at After Dark?

We have delicious food option for sale in the Dining Salon for our guests that get the munchies during the night. There are a variety of appetizers and shareable plates including vegetarian options.

Should I get tickets online or can I buy them at the door?

Tickets are available online, at the door and at the ticketing booths at the main entrance to the TRF Kingdom. The base price of the tickets online is a little cheaper and you can use your cell phone as your ticket so there's no waiting at the ticketing table. Just increase the brightness on your screen and we'll scan it as you come in.  You may upgrade your tickets at the door if VIP seats are still available


What are the costs for attending After Dark and add-ons?

The general admission ticket is $34.95 if purchased online and $39 at the door. If you want a seat in one of the VIP booths that's $84.95 online and $90 at the door. VIP includes admission, fruit and cheese plate for two, exclusive beer, wine and liquor options such as buckets of beer, champagne and bottle service, a VIP dedicated server and a cool AD bag with swag inside! If we still have VIP seats available then you may upgrade at the door.

I'm here with my spouse and I'm the Designated Driver tonight. Do you offer anything to someone like myself for making sure we all get home safe?

Absolutely! Thank you for providing safe transportation to your loved ones. If you're at the front desk just let our friendly attendants know that you're the Designated Driver (DD) . Otherwise if you're inside After Dark just ask to speak to a manager and we will be happy to set you up as a DD guest. You will be entitled to a limited amount of waters and sodas free of charge 

What's the cost for parking at After Dark?

There is no charge to park at After Dark. It's included in the admissions price. But keep in mind that if you plan on spending the night in the campground area then you must have a campground pass which is available at the entrance to the campground. If your car is beyond the AD facility without a campground pass your car may be towed  

My party and I have VIP tickets. How can we all sit together?

So the best way to sit together if you have VIP tickets and you buy your tickets at different times is to include a message when purchasing the tickets or afterwards by sending us a message using the Contact Us link at the top and letting us know the names of everyone in your party with VIP tickets. We have 4, 6 and 8 seat booths.

Can I pay with a credit card or is it cash only?

We are set up with the latest in digital cash registers and accept cash and credit cards. We can also accept most debit cards. And there is an ATM on premise if you need it 

Do I have to provide my credit card each time I go to the bar or can I start a tab?

If you don't want a collection of charges for each time you get a drink you can ask your bartender to "keep it open" or "start a tab" and he or she will be happy to set up a tab for you that you will be able to use at any of our bars

I have a bit of trouble getting around physically, will I be able to enjoy myself in your venue?

We believe that everyone can have a great time at After Dark! Most areas are wheelchair accessible. If you are on crutches or some other type of medical aid our staff will do our best to accommodate your needs. We do have restroom facilities available for our ADA guests. Again, if you need anything just approach one of our friendly staff members or ask for a manager and we will do our best to tend to your needs.

I read online that if I use my credit card that I would be overcharged?

Over the last few years we've had thousands and thousands of guests that have attended After Dark and more than half of those have paid with credit cards. We've had a handful of instances where someone has called to inquire about charges. All issues have been resolved and I want to note that some "charges" are not charges but are in fact pending pre-authorizations which typically drop off the same night but some customer's credit cards take up to 72 hours to drop off. This is entirely up to your bank. We take credit card complaints very seriously so if you disagree with the charges on your statement please contact us immediately by texting us at 832-844-0221 or by using the contact form in the About menu item and we will work with you to reach a solution as soon as possible. I would like to point out that if you dispute a charge though your bank there is a time allotted for us to be notified and respond. That will take several days. I recommend first contacting us directly. We typically resolve issues within a day and you still have the option to contact your bank if you're not completely satisfied :)