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Time Traveler's Ball

Come mingle with people from the past, present and future...

Probably best represented by Steampunk but be prepared to see anything from cavemen to spacemen to people from alternate universes!

Feat DJ:  DJ Xcess from PPP with a 6400 set

Feat:  Cirque La Vie

Perform: Haven Arts, Honey Moonpie

Tell me about DJ Xcess?

We don't usually have guest DJ's because our own DJ Suave is amazing but for this weekend we've got DJ Xcess of Club 6400 fame. For those of you fortunate enough to have experienced Club 6400 yourselves, you know that DJ Xcess is 80's royalty. You don't want to miss this awesome set!!

If you enjoy his artistry you can also find him at Numbers for 6400 Reunions and at the awesomely eclectic Quench Lounge.

If I can only come to one After Dark Event, why should I chose this one?

There are so many reasons to come to this party. If you're a sci-fi buff then I'll tell you that after tons of negotiation we were able to get the real DeLorean with all the time traveling equipment that you've seen on "Back to the Future" merchandising. And here's a run down of the entertainment for this event: We'll have shows by very talented After Dark dancers, great acrobatic feats from Cirque La Vie and we'll also be providing great food, great cocktails, hookah bar, karaoke lounge, etc. If all this sounds like something that you want to experience then come on in and let's make this the best party ever!

We'll see you ... After Dark

How should I dress for the Time Traveler's Ball & Burlesque Event?

As Always, dress in theme, in Renaissance garb or dress to impress. So, what does it mean to dress in theme for this party? Well you could be a person from any time period as though you just stepped out of a time machine. You could be a person from a past of present that never actually happened such as steampunk. You could also be a time traveler in the spirit of Dr. Who or other sci-fi shows and movies which could include aliens that we will encounter in the future. Let your imagination be your guide!

As always you may also dress in the park's theme or nice club wear.

What do I need to know about the Time Traveler's Ball & Burlesque Event?

We have a great lineup of performers to keep you entertained this evening. So come with your dancing shoes and be ready to take in some great performances from your host comedian Liz Padjen, the After Dark Dancers and don't forget to relax in the hookah lounge, or try your hand at karaoke in the Karaoke Lounge. If you're looking for a great night of entertainment and dancing with great cocktails and awesome food. You've found the place! We'll see you ... After Dark! 

Can you tell me more about Cirque la Vie?

Cirque La Vie is a Houston-based contemporary circus troupe. It was founded in 2010 by Artistic Director, Reyie Delgado. Living by its motto “Dare To Be Different”, Cirque La Vie’s professional performing company brings a breath of fresh air to the stage as they inspire and move audiences. The way we inspire audience is by providing high skilled artists and beautifully dynamic shows for all ages.

Can you tell me more about the Haven Arts Dancers

The Haven Arts Dancers are a bad ass dance troupe made up of professionals committed to their craft. The troupe is comprised of members of the Haven Arts Theatre. They are led by Amy K Barnes who toured internationally with Ballet Excelsior of Houston, performing in Australia, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece as well as cities in America including LA and New York. The Haven Arts Dancers perform every Saturday and are also the featured act for several of the weekend events.

Can you tell me more about Honey Moonpie?

She is a local burlesque performer whose special mix of camp, humor, and sexuality has taken her all across the U.S. She has performed in comedy festivals, with touring musicians, and for several comic cons. Often referred to as "The girl with four butts," Honey can be seen monthly stage managing for Kiki Maroon's Burly Q Lounge, as well as being the educational liaison for the Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Arts Festival.

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