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Naughty is Nice Ball

It's nice to be nice but sometimes it's nicer to be naughty!

Come show us your naughty side as we throw our last party of the season

Feat: Cirque La Vie & Kiki Maroon

Perform: AD Dancers,

Honey Moonpie

What do I need to know about the Naughty is Nice Ball?

This is the last weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival and so the last event for After Dark this season. We know that Christmas is a month away but here at AD it's a Christmas Wonderland. We received a letter from the North Pole that expressed their concern that we would have all the people on the Naughty List and the ones on the Nice List in the same place. So we made an arrangement with them to divide AD into a Naughty side and a Nice side. Which will you chose?

Can you tell me more about Cirque la Vie?

Cirque La Vie is a Houston-based contemporary circus troupe. It was founded in 2010 by Artistic Director, Reyie Delgado. Living by its motto “Dare To Be Different”, Cirque La Vie’s professional performing company brings a breath of fresh air to the stage as they inspire and move audiences. The way we inspire audience is by providing high skilled artists and beautifully dynamic shows for all ages.

Can you tell me more about Kiki Maroon?

When she's not calling the shots backstage, she's on stage captivating audiences with her unique combination of classic burlesque strip tease and clumsy clown antics. Her incomparable style has charmed audiences across the U.S., South America, Europe, and Asia; winning her the titles of 2013 Burlesque Comedy Queen and 2015 People's Choice at The International Queen Burlesque Festival (Milan, Italy). Her life on the road as a burlesque clown has given her a unique voice in the standup world. 

Can you tell me more about Honey Moonpie?

She is a local burlesque performer whose special mix of camp, humor, and sexuality has taken her all across the U.S. She has performed in comedy festivals, with touring musicians, and for several comic cons. Often referred to as "The girl with four butts," Honey can be seen monthly stage managing for Kiki Maroon's Burly Q Lounge, as well as being the educational liaison for the Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Arts Festival.

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