After Dark is unlike anything you've experienced!
Every Saturday 8pm - 1am you'll experience amazing Live Shows, Dancing with DJ Suave, Great food, 4 Bars mixing up delicious cocktails, Karaoke Room,
Hookah Lounge, and a specialty cocktail station with our very own mixologist. 21 and up welcome.
Come see us ... After Dark

Click on the images in the flyers below for additional info on each event & Performer


Join us in celebrating the early days of After Dark as we kick this season off with a Grande Masquerade Ball.  Let the mask bring out the real you!


We'll be lighting up the night with this super hot blacklight party.
Dress to impress in White, Neon or Glow-In-The-Dark and be part of the show!


As soon as you come in the door

you'll be partying on the ocean floor...

You'll see Mermaids, Mermen, schools of fishes and so much more!!


Welcome to the Monster Mash.

Dress up as your favorite creature or character.

This will be one creepy Halloween party.

Come for a scare if you dare!!


You don't want to miss Dem Damn Dames and their seductive burlesque performance


Everybody loves a superhero & what’s a hero without a villain?
Come dressed as your favorite or be imaginative and create
your own Superhero/Villain persona!


Push the boundaries of gender identity at this one-of-a-kind ball as we twist traditional male and female roles. Come with an open mind and be prepared for the best time of your life!

Feat: Super Sassy Drag Show

Perform: Haven Arts Dancers,

Honey Moonpie


Come mingle with people from the past, present and future...

Probably best represented by Steampunk but be prepared to see anything from cavemen to spacemen to people from alternate universes!

Feat DJ:  DJ Xcess from PPP with a 6400 set

Feat:  Cirque La Vie

Perform: Haven Arts,  Honey Moonpie


It's nice to be nice but sometimes it's nicer to be naughty!

Come show us your naughty side as we throw our last party of the season

 Check out the videos below for a sneak peak into After Dark